The Hateful Cat That Doesn't Catch the Rat
Chapter 11 Cover
Volume 3
Pages 45
Previous Chapter Chapter 10: Chasing the Enemy Will Also Lead to the Rat
Next Chapter Chapter 12: An Ox's Love is Like a Thousand Ri
The Hateful Cat That Doesn't Catch the Rat is the 11th chapter of Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.

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The battle between Kyouichi, Sana, and Toya continues, and Natsuho makes her way towards the fight. Kyouichi and Sana created a plan to defeat Toya however this ended in failure, and when Natsuho finally showed up, Toya taunts and teases. The battle ends between them, and Sana is carried home by Natsuho with Kyouichi carrying her items. Ayaka is seen looking for Kyouichi at the end of the chapter.

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