An Ox's Love is Like a Thousand Ri
Chapter 12 Cover
Volume 3
Pages 44
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An Ox's Love is Like a Thousand Ri is the 12th chapter of Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.

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Ayaka is seen hunting Ogres with other people such her father, and a flashback of a promise where if Ayaka can destroy enough ogres, she can see Kyouichi. Ayaka finishes destroying ogres and oversleeps and leaves to go to Kyouichi, and meanwhile, Kyouichi, Sana, and Natsuho try to figure out what Toya meant when he gave him a hint. Sana and Kyouichi go check something out, leaving Natsuho and come back to see that Ayaka is also there. Ayaka wakes up and Sana tries to lie about Natsuho's identity, only to have Ayaka point out it is a lie, ending the chapter.

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  • Ushigura house is located near the ogre gate.
    • It's the reason why the Ushigura are great fighters.

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