Natsuho Nekogazaki
Name Natsuho Nekogazaki
Kanji 猫ヶ崎夏歩
Romaji Nekogazaki Natsuho
Race Youkai
Birthday July 7
Age 14 - 15
Gender Female
Height 152cm
Weight 48kg
Eyes Steel Blue
Hair Dark Slate Gray
Professional Status
Affiliation Nekuni Family
Occupation The Hateful Cat
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Fuyuho Nekogazaki (Relative)
Alias The Hateful Cat
Miss Hateful Cat
Miss Cat
Nacchan (by Ayaka)
Neet (by Miyako)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1: The Hateful Cat
Natsuho Nekogazaki (猫ヶ崎夏歩) is a protagonist and one of the main characters in the series. She is also known as the Hateful Cat.

Appearance Edit

Natsuho has dark slate gray hair worn with a long side-ponytail that has a red tie with two silver bells tying it and neck length forelocks. She has bangs that split from the left, covering most of her right side of her forehead. She is normally seen wearing a pale pink hooded-jacket with a white collared-shirt. Attached to the collar is a red ribbon. A black short skirt is worn along with the outfit. She is sometimes seen wearing a school uniform with a gray collar that has one white stripe with a red ribbon tied to it. The outfit includes a black jacket with gray cuffed sleeves that have a single white stripe, a white collared-shirt underneath the jacket, a short black skirt, and black socks with black shoes.

When using her powers, she gains cat ears.

Personality Edit

Natsuho has an extremely shy personality. In the beginning of the story, she would purposely only move through areas without people. In cases where she runs into strangers, she would often run into an alley in search for a cardboard box to hide under. In addition, she gets nervous when meeting new people. She gradually loses her nervousness when she befriends and hangs out with someone many times. She is generally nice.

It is seen later on that her shyness has been subdued somewhat to a degree that she can manage being near strangers as long as one of her friends stands between herself and the stranger in question.

She appears weak at heart, but when provoked her convictions are arguably stronger than any other character's.

Compared to most characters, Natsuho is very innocent.

Etymology Edit

Natsuho (夏歩): Natsu (夏) means "summer", and ho (歩) means "walk".

Nekogazaki (猫ヶ崎): Neko (猫) means "cat", while ga (ヶ) means "months", and zaki (崎) means "promontory" or "cape".

Relationships Edit

Kyouichi Nekuni Edit

When she and Kyouichi first met, Kyouichi made a deal with her which was to allow her to hate observe him. Over time, they began to develop feelings with each other.

Ayaka Ushigura Edit

At first, she was intimidated by Ayaka because Ayaka would always play and pet her in her cat form. After revealing her true form to Ayaka, Natsuho became scared because she doesn't want Ayaka to hate her. After fighting with each other in a match for Ayaka be around Kyouichu again, Ayaka reveals that she does not hate Natsuho. They started warming up to each other, and they now see each other as a good friend and love rival for Kyouichi.

Sana Inuhara Edit

Miyako Nekuni Edit

Natsuho was intimidated by Miyako because Miyako was being very chummy with her. Due to being shy, Natsuho became nervous around her.

Toya Itachizuka Edit

History Edit

Abilities Edit

As a youkai, Natsuho has certain abilities. First, she is able to manifest claws from various parts of her body, most commonly her hands. These claws are near impenetrable (they are seen to crack under pressure during the battle with Itachizuka.) In addition, she has superhuman agility. With the added identity of the Hateful Cat, she is able to transform into a huge black cat, which is her youkai form, or a regular black cat. In addition, as the Hateful Cat, she possesses a sixth sense which acts as a premonition of various incidents.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • It was originally thought that Natsuho was the head of the Nekogazaki Family, however, it was revealed that Fuyuho is the current head.
  • Her name is the opposite of Fuyuho's name.
    • Natsu (夏) means "summer" while Fuyu (冬) means However, they both share the same kanji for "walk" (歩, ho).