The Nekogazaki Family (猫ヶ崎) is a family that was kicked out of Twelve Town by the Nekuni Family.

History Edit

Prior to the series, the Nekogazaki Family was once a part of Twelve Town until they were kicked out by the Nekuni Family. Due to this, the Nekogazaki Family hated the the Nekuni and eventually became Yokai. The head of the clan was known as the Hateful Cat.

Known Members Edit

Nekogazaki Family
Fuyuho Nekogazaki
Natsuho Nekogazaki Fuyuho Nekogazaki
(Current Head)

Abilities Edit

Due to being a family of Yokai, abilities vary among the members of the clan.

Trivia Edit

  • It was originally thought that Natsuho was the head of the family until it was later revealed that the true head is Fuyuho.