Sana Inuhara
Sana (With Color)
Name Sana Inuhara
Kanji 戌原 咲直
Romaji Inuhara Sana
Race Human
Birthday April 25
Gender Female
Height 154cm
Weight 48kg
Eyes Yellow
Hair White
Professional Status
Affiliation Inuhara Family
Nekuni Family
Occupation Head of the Inuhara Family
Kyouichi's bodyguard
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Sen Inuhara (older sister)
Alias Little Puppy
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1: The Hateful Cat
Sana Inuhara (戌原 咲直) is a supporting character, the younger sister of Sen, and the head of the Inuhara Family. She is also Kyouichi's bodyguard.

Appearance Edit

Sana has long white hair and yellow eyes. Part of her bangs are clipped by two red clips, and most of her forehead is covered. She is mostly seen wearing a black hat. She usually seen wearing her school uniform. The uniform consists of a short jacket on top of a sweater on top of a shirt with a ribbon attached to the the collar.

Personality Edit

She is very careful and on guard. She is not too confident, but when it comes to her duty, she does her best to fulfill her position. When she sees other struggling, she wants to take on their burden or try her best to help that person.

Etymology Edit

Sana (咲直): Sa (咲) means "bloom," and na (直) means "honesty".

Inuhara (戌原): Inu (戌) means the "eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the sign of the dog". Hara (原) means "meadow".

Relationships Edit

Kyouichi Nekuni Edit

She is his bodyguard and one of his closest friends.

Ayaka Ushigura Edit

Sen Inuhara Edit

She deeply cares for her older sister and worries for her.

Natsuho Nekogazaki Edit

Chie Sasamachi Edit

They are childhood friends, and they are seen arguing or hanging out sometimes.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

She primarily uses a sword as a weapon. She is proficient in her sword skills, and this is heavily noted by various characters in the series.

She also has the ability to summon suppression tags that can bind enemies by wrapping the chain of tags around a selected target.

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