The Tatsuga Family (辰河) is one of the twelve families of Twelve Town. It is represented by the Chinese zodiac, the dragon. It is also known as the dragon clan. The Tatsuga Family takes care of nature and communicates with it. Their bodies are similar to a yokai, and they retain their teenage appearance throughout their life.

History Edit

Family Role Edit

Known Members Edit

Tatsuga Family
Yuzen Tatsuga
(Current head)

Abilities Edit

  • Spiritual Energy Manipulation: Allows the user to gather energy that is within the vicinity and harness it for strength.
    • Dispelling Energy: Allows user to dissipate the energy of a target.
  • Tatsuga Clan Ultimate Technique: Dragon Ring Twin Fist Strike: This technique can force energy inside a person out. It can also force Ogres out of people.

Trivia Edit

  • The illustration shown, usually on the contents page, of a Chinese Zodiac wheel reveals that the symbol representing this family is a sea dragon rather than a regular dragon.
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