The Toraiwa Family (寅岩) is one of the twelve families of Twelve Town. It is represented by the Chinese Zodiac, the tiger. It is also known as the tiger clan. The Toraiwa Family specializes in illegal contracts and dealings, and they do whatever they think is needed.

History Edit

The Toraiwa Clan crossed a line in their work and the head of the Nekuni Clan, Gouichi Nekuni, was furious because of their actions. He took down the Toraiwa Clan's business to make sure that they will never recover from the incident, which led to the disbanding of the the family. He brutally punished the clan, and ever since then, the Toraiwa Clan and the Nekuni Clan had bad relations.

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Toraiwa Family
Torako's Mother
Torako Toraiwa
(Current head)
Torako's Mother
(Former head)

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