Ushigura Family (丑蔵) is one of the twelve families of Twelve Town. This family is the represented by the Chinese Zodiac, the ox. It is also known as the ox clan.

History Edit

Known Members Edit

Ushigura Family
Ayaka Ushigura
(Current head)
Yuusei Ushigura
(Former head)

Family Role Edit

It was originally believed that the Ushiguras' job was to guard the Nekunis, however, the only reason why they guarded them was because they got along. The original job of the Ushiguras is to guard the gate of Twelve Town so that ogres do not infiltrate.

Abilities Edit

Because the Ushigura house is located near the ogre gate, the members of this clan excel at fighting. A common ability is super strength.

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